Quick update on why this account is moving to @VPG:
1. This account is the only active one most of the time on the vegaia.social server.
2. The admin of the vegaia.social server said that he can't pay for the hosting any longer and is busy otherwise.

I think that it is wise to close the vegaia.social instance down, without users and without anyone maintaining it it doesn't serve a purpose.
Thank you for hosting an animal rights centered server for such a long time, @seasharp.


Livestock farmers: is unnatural due to B12.
also them:

Kotlety z ziemniaków faszerowane kiszoną kapustą. Regionalne danie Podkarpacia. Ziemniaki, kapusta kiszona, cebula, kminek. Podanie z sosem pieczarkowym. Z założenia danie ludowe i proste, a smak wyjątkowy. Przepis autorstwa Pawła z weganon.pl, który ma całą serię zweganizowanych tradycyjnych przepisów weganon.pl/category/regionalna

(sauerkraut-filled potato chops. traditional and rustic Polish meal, veganised)

#vegan #obiadwgodzinę #regionalne #taniobiad #polishfood weganon.pl/2018/09/leznie-bies

Great #vegan hot dog from the Vegan Shack in Richmond, Victoria.

Trust me it tastes as good as it looks. Here is the BIG #vegan breakfast.

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#vegan lunch #food:
- iced #Coffee
- tofu, zucchini, tomato, chickpeas, carrots, onion
- basmati rice boiled in tomato sauce

making oat milk
decided to make my own rather than spend more on what you can buy at the shops. plus put what I want in it

#yummy #vegan

Just realised that I hadn't done an #introductions toot with this account. So...

I'm a 41 year old Scot.

First time dad of a 3 and a bit month old daughter (so perpetually tired)

Married to @sk and we cohabitate with a 7-8 year old rescue dog.

As of late January I'm #vegan and this has inspired my re-found love for #cooking.

Other interests include (but not exclusively): #beer #craftbeer #homebrew #singlemaltwhisky #日本語 #日本 #土佐弁 #gameing #travel #Gàidhlig

politic-y me @asovereignscot

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Someone on jodel just asked: "Why are vegans always so defensive?" Show more

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