@VPG depending on your cultural background it‘s ok to eat each of them.

Veganism is a First World hype. Too many people on this planet don‘t have something to eat at all, so they don‘t care about animal needs or rights.

@chotemysl pnas.org/content/115/15/3804
TL;DR: "[…] plant-based replacements for each of the major animal categories in the United States […] can produce twofold to 20-fold more nutritionally similar food per unit cropland."

"depending on your cultural background it‘s ok to eat each of them."
true. There also have been cultures practicing cannibalism.

Plant based diets aren't a First World hype. They are a low-cost, healthy staple in many cultures. Yes, that fades away with more and more industrialization around the globe where it's possible to feed harvested plant matter to livestock.
Many people on this planet don't have enough to eat at all, but that doesn't mean that I should harm animals.

@VPG canibalism wasn‘t to feed people but to get the strength of that killed person. More a symbolic act than a meal.

@VPG because I thought my english is not good enough for a longer discussion on that topic. ;)

If a discounter offers 1 kg meat for 1€, I know this can't be ok: the workers are not payed well, the farmers wasn't payed well and therefore the animals suffered much.

If I got to my butcher and buy meat, I pay more, ask him about the origin and know the farmer gets payed better.

If I want to make sure to get the best for animals and farmer, I buy from the farmer direct.

I like that you are thinking about animal suffering and are trying to reduce it, but you need to be careful not to fool yourself.
If you eat out, if you buy cookies, sweets or mayo, all these products contain the cheapest meat, dairy and eggs on the market.

Only a very small percentage of animal products are actually from so called "humane farms" that try to give animals a good time, until they are killed in the same slaughterhouse as unhappy animals.

@VPG there was an action in a German city last year where people could buy a goose (traditional meal during Christmas time). The bird was killed in front of the buyer. People started crying and some stepped back from buying.

As a kid I watched the killing of a pig and many chicken/doves and realised „if I want to eat meat, these animals have to die.“ No one complained about it but that was long before modern industrial meat production.

Well, nowadays the most common stunning method for pigs in Germany is this one:
(CW: animals in pain)

So I think when you eat out you need to make sure not to eat pigs from these slaughterhouses if you hold your standards which you described earlier high.

@VPG I agree with you that we have no right to harm animals. A good life, good food, lots of space outside and a easy, quick death are ok in my opinion.

"we have no right to harm animals"
"quick death are ok in my opinion"

If a person in your family gets a quick death, would you say they weren't harmed?

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