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Topics are varied and can include politics, philosophy, evolutionary biology & more...

This is a masterclass on strawmanning and poisoning the well in case anyone is interested in

Now he's trying to appeal to epidemiology to refute randomized controlled trial meta-analyses oh man 😂 😂 😂

LOL This Joe Rogan "Debate" is a mess.

Best Selling Paleo Author (who is best friends with Taubes) who can't refute data without appealing to a database he likes vs an actual doctor quoting 2018 meta-analyses

Have a laugh:

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i have come across vegetarian breakfast burritos and i am living

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Food that I found in #Italy.
Made the last one myself obv.

#veganhealth: If you are on (mostly) #vegan diet, please make sure to read up on nutrient recommendations.
Some things are more "trivial" such as #VitaminB12, but others aren't - so give it a try.

I recently stumbled upon this site and it by breaking down most important things into an easily digestible form it appears to be a great resource.

LB: When Vegans snap-buy your favourite Jerky Business

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