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too bad there isn't a mastodon-pleroma migration script. even a small mastodon is too heavy for the VMs that i use for my stuff.

sad because i actually run quite a few services

good luck!

@xj9 Yeah my timing couldn't have been more ironic when I spun this instance up; Pleroma was just getting its wings and I chose to stick it out after a few users signed up.

Speaking of the migration script idea, perhaps by some longshot there's something I can do to help current efforts I've heard about.

Thanks for the support :)

@xj9 @seasharp I am not sure what you mean about mastodon being heavy linuxrocks ran on 2 core and 2GB for a long time before I moved it.

@omnipotens @seasharp

I was maxing out a fat dedi with the masto instance I replaced with social.ssg

scaleway c2m I think it was

same box runs two pleromas, cjdns, wiki, and some other shit

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@seasharp No problem just let me know I will send you 1 XMR which currently seems to float around 100 usd hopefully you can sell it off and keep your instance up for a bit. Consider it a donation from linuxrocks as I know how hard things get as I been there.

@omnipotens Wow, Mike, that's very generous. I really appreciate it. From one admin to another I salute you, and promise to pay it forward the next windfall I see. โœŠ I'll update you once I've got the wallet sorted.

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@seasharp Sorry to hear that. I'm surprised there's not more users on your instance ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ There are quite a few vegans on Mastodon. I hope it stays alive.

BTW wouldn't it be better to have open registrations and to moderate afterwards? I mean there's already a learning curve for new users to adopt Masto, but if they have to send an email for an invite, forget about it ๐Ÿ˜…

@caml Thank you, I appreciate the well wishes.

I'm happy growing to the size of other invite only instances. If they don't want to send a one-liner email to prove they're not a bot, they don't have to join.

@seasharp besides - I think $25 is quite a lot, maybe it can migrated/downgraded to something a bit cheaper?

@saper the original idea when I was employed was to start with the average recommended specs for a Mastodon instance. Quite honestly I overestimated the pace of growth, which is all well and good when you're in it for the long haul and don't end up without a job unexpectedly.

This may be a workable solution in the interim if I can plot the migration and find a suitable replacement cloud platform

@seasharp @saper would members of the instance be willing to help out as an emergency gesture? Maybe collect funds for a couple of months.

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